About Us

Moshi Moshi is located in the heart of historic Ballard. Our name “Moshi Moshi” is the Japanese greeting for “hello” as said over the phone. We are a woman-and-PoC owned-and-operated small business.

Seattle’s Destination for Sushi

Our extensive sushi menu will have you coming back for more. Whether you’re looking for traditional nigiri, sashimi, or innovative rolls, we have your fix. We feature fresh seafood, some flown in from the world-famous Toyosu (formerly Tsukiji) Fish Market in Tokyo, and others from the best local purveyors. We take great pride in our team of incredibly skilled chefs and trust you’ll be able to taste the difference.

Not a sushi fan? No problem!

We offer a complete menu with hot, satisfying Japanese comfort cuisine. From izakaya-style small plates like yakitori to meals like tempura udon, there is something for everyone.

People Over Profit. Excellent Hospitality. “We Succeed Together”.

Our best and biggest asset is our team.

The service industry is notorious for hostile work environments. Aggressive chefs screaming and throwing things at co-workers is normalized. Encouraging people work off-the-clock or intentionally short-staffing to avoid overtime hours is not uncommon. All these practices look at the job roles instead of the people doing them, boiling a business down to numbers. This may work on a spreadsheet, but we believe it is short-sighted and in the long run harmful to bottom line results. Toxic organizations may use “but we’re practically family!” to take advantage of people, but we are genuine in our usage of the term “family”. We love, protect, and nurture those under our care, in and out of our workplace.

We firmly believe that creating a supportive, inclusive team culture directly contributes to our business success. Interpersonal friction is kept to a minimum, resulting in improved service and a stronger guest reputation. It’s far more pleasant to come to work every day when everyone is happy, and that happiness spills out into our excellent hospitality towards our guests. 🙂

We are a neighborhood restaurant and have the opportunity to watch our guests’ kids grow up. We get to be a part of birthdays, anniversaries, proms, graduations, and family reunions. We have regulars who come by once a week or more, sometimes from across town. We value approachability, community, and togetherness far more than being listed in a prestigious guidebook or have the pressure of maintaining a Michelin star.

One of our guiding principles is “we all need each other”. There is no place for egos or special treatments among our team as everyone brings something valuable to the proverbial table. We are staunch supporters of equity and are proud to have a diverse team who help us provide a welcoming place for every guest, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, or culture.