COVID-19 Related Changes

To protect the health and safety of our crew and guests, and comply with local, state, and federal guidance, we have implemented changes to our normal operations.

Indoor Dining

We recognize the conflicting goals of enjoying a meal indoors in the age of COVID-19. To minimize the risk to our team and guests, we’ve implemented several safety protocols:

  • Air Purification – We’ve installed Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization (NPBI) to our indoor air system. NPBI is an air purification technology used in hospitals, airports, and other large locations that helps reduce air pollutants and pathogens. In lab studies NPBI has been shown to significantly reduce the concentration of pathogens (including novel coronavirus) in the air. Our system is UL certified to emit zero ozone.
  • Employee Temperature Checks – All of our team members have their temperature checked before starting work. Anyone with a fever or experiencing potential COVID symptoms are sent home.
  • Rigorous Sanitation Procedures – We sanitize all common surfaces frequently. All tables, chairs, and objects are fully disinfected between groups.
  • Mask Requirement – All guests and team members are required to wear masks at all times (except while eating). Please help us keep our team healthy by wearing a mask when entering, exiting, or walking around the restaurant. When your server approaches your table please put your masks on.
  • Table Distancing – All tables are spaced to ensure a minimum of 6′ distance between seated guests.
  • Maximum 6 person group size – The earlier state requirement that everyone be from the “same household” has been rescinded.
  • Complimentary Hand Sanitizer – We have sanitizer available on every table.
  • Reservations Required (Dinner Only) – To ensure enough time to sanitize tables between groups, and to avoid people grouping while waiting for tables, we are requiring reservations for dinner service (starting at 4:30 PM). Lunch walk-in seating is still available. Please book a reservation through our website.
  • Timed Reservations – By default all reservations are for 90 minutes (starting from the time of your reservation). We respectfully ask that you strive to finish your experience with us by then. This gives us enough time to safely sanitize your table for the group after you (and the group before!). If you are celebrating a special occasion and wish to extend your reservation, please let us know in advance so we can try to honor your request.

Outdoor Dining

We still have 2 small outdoor tables available for lunch and dinner. All of our indoor dining policies apply to our outdoor tables as well. When making a reservation please specify if you want outdoor seating.

Our outdoor street seating has been removed for the winter. Many thanks to the Seattle Safe Streets Program and the Ballard Alliance for their help in allowing us to offer outdoor seating this past summer!


We are still offering take-out, both for pick-up at our front door and delivery via Caviar. Please help us keep our staff safe and healthy by observing the following rules:

  • No public access to the restaurant interior. Please place, pay, and pick up your order at our front door. You can also place your order online for pickup!
  • Please observe social distancing when visiting us. If you are waiting for your order, please step back to make room for others and be aware of those around you.
  • When picking up your order, please wait for our crew to place your order on the table and step back before coming up to pick up your items.
  • Per Washington LCB regulations:
    • Alcoholic items cannot be sold via delivery
    • Valid ID is required when purchasing alcohol
    • All alcohol purchases must be accompanied with food. Our license does not permit alcohol-only to-go sales.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we adhere to the guidelines and requirements of our local officials.

Thank you!